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Short, but Sweet. [Lolz Marquette Reference]

I could try to analyze the loss to North Carolina, but that would be belaboring a moot point.

Marquette got whooped, in every aspect of the game. The Tar Heels big men got easy high-percentage shots, second chance points, and transition baskets. But outside of the interior defense, or lack thereof, the Warriors lost for a much clearer reason.

We never thought we would win.

Marquette’s basketball team had more NCAA tournament experience than that North Carolina team, but couldn’t find their game when it mattered. North Carolina came ready to play, and Marquette seemed satisfied with a win over the Orange; or just fearful of the big stage. Two factors discussed in earlier articles, thus ill save myself the heartache.

Indeed, we lost in embarrassing fashion; but does Marquette’s NCAA run make its season a success? Quick answer: Yes.

Post-season basketball is the only barometer for a college basketball team, and reaching our first Sweet 16 since DWade means we met and exceeded expectations. More importantly, however, is that this year’s builds a foundation and expectation of winning in the Marquette program and fan base.

Buzz Williams, who seems to be returning after rumors in the coaching carousel, must build on this year’s success to make Marquette a more consistent basketball team. Who plays they’re best basketball both in the big spotlight of the Sweet 16 or in “easy wins” against South Florida and Seaton Hall.

Next year, Marquette will be revitalized with new and returning talent. During the upcoming months before basketball season restarts, I will attempt to profile each new player (Dave Singleton, Jamail Wilson, Todd Mayo, Derrick Wilson, and Juan Anderson) while shedding new facts on our favorite returning MU ballers; DJO, Jae Crowder, and Vander Blue.

Lol, did you get the joke? Vander Blue. There is a mandatory offensive skill requirement before you get an article on Marquettemix. Sorry Vander, maybe next year.

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