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Random Rants and DJO as Pocahontas? Sounds like March Madness

I cannot determine about whether my emotional relationship with Marquette basketball is that of a Mother/Child or Husband/Wife. Hold up, remove the confused, Erik Williams-esque look off your face, and let me explain.

It is my strong belief that Marquette is the sleeper of the entire NCAA tournament.

Thus my initial statement: am I the overconfident mother, yelling at the coaches that my “Johnny” deserves to start although he dribbles with two hands? Or is my confidence based in real experience, evidence of growth, and the knowledge that my beautiful wife rises to the occasion?

Hmm…I’ve probably gone overboard with this analogy. And I definitely showed the pitiful state of my love life.

Nevertheless, for the purposes of this blog Marquette basketball is my beautiful handmaiden. And I’m confident she’ll take the NCAA by storm.

FYI: I would rather my wife not resemble DJO. Or sound like Junior Cadougon(did you hear his West Virginia Post-game).

ROUND 1: 6 Xavier vs. 11 Marquette

RESUME: The Xavier Musketeers (24-7) are a formidable, yet beatable opponent. They’re the Atlantic 10 regular season champions, have a top 10 guard in Tu Halloway (look for an article highlighting him tomorrow), and Chris Mack is the A-10 coach of the year. However, a closer look at their schedule will reveal fewer quality wins then you would expect from a 6 seed.

They’ve amassed 4 wins against tournament teams: Temple, Richmond, Butler, and Georgia (WHO SHOULDN’T BE IN); none of which are higher than an 8 seed. Furthermore, the Musketeers have losses against mediocre opponents Dayton, Charlotte, Wake Forest, and Miami (OH).


Marquette and Xavier shared two opponents, Cincinnati and Seaton Hall. Xavier narrowly escaped Seaton Hall while MU experienced both sides of a blowout in two meetings. Against Cincinatti, both teams lost however MU kept the game close while Xavier lost by 20.


Marquette should show its Big East prowess in this matchup, as it has beaten more top 25 opponents than Xavier has even seen. In an underdog and must win role, look for Marquette to come with an attacking sense of urgency.

As promised, tomorrow will be in-depth look at the Wes’ Ways to win, mainly focusing on defense, containing Tu Halloway and my reasons on why MU can make it to the Sweet 16. Until then I have one final rant for this blog.

The Term “Cinderella”

I hate/despise/loathe the term “Cinderella” team. Here’s three quick reasons on why it should be abolished.

1. Cinderella is probably the lamest Disney princess- Just think, growing up no growing boy wants to spend his life with Cinderella or even moderately cares about her movie. SHE DOESN’T EVEN SING. By far, sports fans would rather hear this constant analogy paired with a princess that brought back wonderful childhood memories; such as Mulan, Jasmine, Pocahantas, or even Belle.

2. The analogy doesn’t even make sense, and is slightly insulting- A Cinderella team is one that that does unexpectedly well in the tournament, they outplay, outwork, and beat other teams. Cinderella did not naturally put herself in the position to attain the kings affection, she needed magical help from her fairy godmother. If I was the 2008 George Mason team or last years’ Cornell, I wouldn’t care for the help of a mystical figure once portrayed by Whitney Houston; a godmother didn’t get me to the ball; hard work and defense did.

3. Most importantly its more overdone than Pamela Anderson. If you catch my drift.

So Marquette is NOT the next cinderella. My Warriors are the 2011 Mulan.

Fierce. Dangerous. Beautiful.


Facebook: Wesley Herndon
Twitter: @wild_wesley
Email: astead.herndon@marquette.edu

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