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No matter what happens tonight, Jimmy Butler's already a winner.

Breaking news first, Basketball second-

After some serious twitter stalking, I have discovered another reason to love Jimmy Butler, and it’s totally unrelated to his jumpshot. According to his newly created twitter account, @JB3THREE, it seems my favorite small forward has added to his “scoring total.” How? I’d never thought you’d ask.

Jimmy’s dating Katie McCutcheon. That name may mean nothing to you now, but I promise in about 10 seconds it will. Katie is a former contestant on the VH1 show, The Ultimate Catch: Ochocinco, and although that takes away from her personality points, she’s got a couple to spare. A former Division 1 volleyball player, a current model in Europe, and a pretty good tweeter (good punctuation usage), she is just another reason to cheer for #33. Or at least be envious. Just look below:

Jealous yet? I am. You heard it here first, Nice guys don’t finish last. Have you seen Dwight Buycks girlfriend? My point exactly.

MU vs. WVU

Stop staring at the picture, let’s talk basketball.

Last night Marquette finally showed up, cementing its place in the NCAA tournament with a convincing rout over Providence. More importantly we didn’t play down to the competition; clicking on both sides of the court for the first time since the victory vs. Notre Dame. DJO and Jimmy Butler continued their scoring dominance, combining for 42 points. Other bright spots? There was a Jae Crowder sighting added 10 points, Marquette owned the boards 53-37, and Rob Frozena saw the court. Negatives? West Virginia > Providence.

Thus, Wes’ Ways to Win makes its triumphant return. Here are three keys to a Warriors win based on my humble, speculative, probably wrong, yet strongly worded opinion.

1. Jae Crowder- Listen, he scored a career-high 29 points on West Virginia in Marquette’s slim New Year’s Day victory, he manhandled the Mountaineers big men, he busted the zone with mid-ranged jumpshots, and he has the best hair in America, start him Buzz. West Virginia paid special attention to Butler during the first meeting, holding him to a season low 10 points. Their strategy will remain the same, however, Erik Williams, Joe Fulce, or any other tall, lanky loser will not be able to make them pay. Jae played 39 minutes last game, please, I’m begging.

2. Rebounding/Free Throws- Yes I’m cheating here by sneaking two very distinct aspects of the game under one number. But let me explain myself. Marquette went to the line on 2nd chance opportunites last time they played WVU and even last night against Providence. The standard Buzz Williams “Paint touches” will be there, but they mean nothing if points aren’t produced. Obvi. Get to the paint with the intention of going up strong, and at worst, free throws will ensue. MU won that battle by 14 last game, and with a close game almost a certainty, easy points rule. Jumpshots drool.

3. Junior Codougan/Dwight Buycks/Whatever fake PG we use this game- Turnovers will kill us this game. It will be close and West Virginia struggles in a half-court offense Rebound and get out on the run.

Now that all that serious talk is over, how about another look at Katie.

God, I love volleyball.

Go Warriors.

Facebook: Wesley Herndon
Twitter: @wild_wesley
Email: astead.herndon@mu.edu

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