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Forget the "Big Three," MU needs #33

As the curtains fell on another Marquette loss, I was unable to shake this certain feeling of déjà vu. Question: haven’t I seen this before? Answer: A resounding yes. Excluding the Duke game, a turnover has prevented the Golden Eagles from tying or taking the lead in the game’s final five minutes in each of their losses.

This lack of execution is the result of two problems; the lack of a true offensive point guard and the passive play of clutch forward Jimmy Butler. At the earliest, a ball handling savior will not arrive until next year (hopefully 2011 signee Derrick Wilson), meaning our 2011 tournament hopes are at the mercy of Dwight Buycks, DJO, and Junior Cadougon. The problem is that this threesome seems to manufacture ways to trip, slip, and generally give the ball away in crucial moments. However, hope is not lost, for the Golden Eagles (and by that I mean Warriors) are loaded with a proven thoroughbred, Buzz Williams only needs to set Jimmy Butler free.

Butler, who has not touched the ball during their losses final “possessions,” was Mr. Big Shot for Marquette last year; hitting two game winners in Big East play alone. He has continued his dominance this season, leading the team in points and rebounds. Against Wisconsin-Madison his timely three-pointer cut the lead in half in the final minute, proving again he has an affinity for the dramatic.

However, when it is most urgent, Butler can’t find the ball.

Dear Buzz Williams, there comes a time when every coach must throw out the rulebook and adjust their game plan to fit their teams’ strengths. And considering your team needs to beat a top-10 opponent to even have a shot at the Big Dance, I am pretty sure that time is now. The team has proven it can keep the games close, let Jimmy finish it.

He can dribble; create his own shot, and shoots 40% from the three-pointer. He’s proven himself more than capable of the task last year, hitting long jumpers against both St. John’s and Connecticut that saved the season. Give him the ball on the inbound, spot up the shooters on the outside, and let the Preseason Second Team All-Big East player prove his worth.

Face it Buzz: we do not have a point guard. So let the Butler serve up the clutch offense. I have done the calculations, and that gives us a 100000% better chance of winning than having DJO play slip n’ slide on Vandy’s court.

Feedback/Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Facebook: Wesley Herndo
Twitter: wild_wesley
Email: astead.herndon@marquette.edu

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